Consultation: 60min / £100



Astrology is the science of recognizing and practically utilizing the effects of planetary energy on human life. The primary purpose of astrology is to allow us to shape our own future by harnessing, working with - and in some cases against - these external energies.
Vedic Astrology - known as Jyotish or ‘the science of light’ - is a kindred divinatory system, which originated in ancient India, and was first recorded by the rishis in the Vedic scriptures.
A chart is constructed to show the planetary positions at your time and place of birth. The astrologer then studies this chart to find what energies have been flowing through, and impacting on, your life and where these energies are likely to lead you in light of developing planetary alignments.
Planatory alignment and palm reading combined with astrology will allow me to build on the information gained from your chart, enabling me to give a comprehensive assessment of the dominant energies at your time of birth and to give you insight as to how these energies affect you and how best to utilize them.
As with all divinatory systems, it is important to understand that it is up to you to make best use of the information given if you are to achieve the best potential presented.