I work on these areas

- Astrology and the self.
- Astrology and the health.      
- Astrology and love/relations.                   
- Astrology and business.                             
- Astrology and children.


How I work

In my reading basically, I try to see the invisible energy of the person through their face, and through palm their overall success and problems of life and their state of mind is seen.
All this information I combine with the Vedic Astrology. That gives pretty clear picture about the life of the person and further gives clues to help them better/precisely.

My suggestions can be useful for the life time as they approach the bottom most of your being.


How Astrology helps you

- Through Astrology one can see mystic invasion of stars in his life.
- Astrology reveals your true potential in life.
- Astrology talk about your inner being.
- Through Astrology we can see divine interference in our life.
- One can know his personal evolution through Vedic Astrology.
- Vedic Astrology is able to show you a comprehensive picture of your life.
- Astrology is the science that can remove the confusion in human life. With its help one can make better decisions.
- Astrology shows us the bigger picture of life.
- The purpose of astrology is self-realization, so you can live this life in its entirety.

Astrology and Karma- A Vedic Astrology consultation allows you to see the consequences of your Karma through the planets. Its gives you precise knowledge based on your individual chart so that you can correct yourself and your actions – that can change your destiny allowing you to live a better life.
Most of the times people asks me that what will happen in their life; I say them if you do that (some advice for life or some way to be), then that happen.
But most of the times people refuse to change and take their responsibility and their life continue like before without being changed even though a lot time have been passed.  Understanding about the self and proper action towards the Self is the key to change the life, and Vedic Astrology can play a big role in that.