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I have been fascinated by how a person’s face changes throughout their life based on their individual circumstances. Changes can often be dramatic with the individual changing physically within a few months’ whilst others its more gradual. As a society we are obsessed with looking younger and always looking for miracles to turn back the time so we may maintain our beauty.

Through observation I realized the many factors that are responsible for that facial change. Apart from the natural ageing process, I observed how various lifestyles, emotional and personal factors impact the energy of one’s beauty, making you feel and give the appearance of an unpleasant or beautiful persona over time.

 My observations allowed me to conclude by bringing about the natural state of awareness which is within us all, one can even change his face and physical form - crafting your face as per your desire and need without depending on any outer remedies that only give a temporary result.

 “Beauty without Makeup” was created to help individuals achieve their desired form and shape knowingly by following a precise method of intellectual, emotional and physical techniques personalized according to your nature. With “Beauty without Makeup” everybody and anybody can be beautiful at any time of their life. Just need to follow right suggestions in right direction and make a serious effort for it. 

 This is a unique method of reading that I have developed over a span of 25 years, combining face, palm and astrology to give an in-depth look at the individual´s life and personality that keeps all the secrets of their face and beauty. The face is the mirror of your inner self, a blueprint of your desires, attitudes and experiences. It shows us why we are who we are today.

 The consultation will examine your past and present attitudes, beliefs and experiences and how they have shaped your life. I will guide you through simple yet effective techniques to change your energy and to bring about positive changes on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

 This style of reading allows you to create your reality, take control of your life and bring about the physical manifestation of beauty in yourself.  Sessions are conducted depending on your individual needs and a focused plan is mapped out to guide you to your desired result on this journey of complete and absolute transformation.

 After the consultation it is up to you to apply these techniques to bring about the relevant changes in your life. The future is not set but rather shaped by how we live, the decisions we make and how focused we are on attaining the desired changes and result."

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