About Vishal Krishna

My work as a priest and Vedic Astrologer began 23 years ago in Vrindavan, the Indian Centre of devotional Krishna worship whose natives are known as Brijwasi.
Following over seven generations of Traditional Brahmin Priests, I was privileged to learn their sacred Arts from my father, Pandit Shri Bal Krishna Sharma.
He had inherited these traditions from my grandfather, Pandit Shri Madan Gopal Shastri, and my great-grandfather, Pandit Shri Narottam Lal Shastri.
Following these hereditary traditions on a practical level, I am qualified as a Brahmin (priest) to carry out ‘poojas’ - sacred rituals designed to enhance all aspects of life.
As a student of the ‘Vedas‘ - the sacred texts of Hindu wisdom - I have a solid understanding of Vastu Shasta - sacred architecture and the harmonizing of environments - and of Ayurvedic science. On an academic level, I hold a Masters in Traditional Indian History and Culture from Agra University.
I have augmented these studies with those of Chirology and Physiognomy - respectively the Arts of reading the palm and the face - combining these with Astrology to present a more thorough and accurate portrait of my clients.
As a traditional Brahmin, it is my duty to guide you to a happy and balanced life by enabling you to take advantage of specific energies and astrological alignments at play in your life.
Used wisely, this knowledge should help enhance your life and fulfill your potential on both spiritual and material levels.

More information: vishalkrishnasharma.com